Heads Above Water

  • The house in Ireland
  • The house in France
  • The living room
  • The living room
  • The gite living room

Welcome to Heads Above Water

The story … In 2006 we left Ireland for France. ‘We’ are Stephanie, my husband Chris, eldest son Benjamin (then 14), daughter Caitlin (then 12) and youngest child Ruadhri (then 5). Nessie our border-collie cross came along too. We had sold our beautiful, new, enormous house near Bandon in Co. Cork. We moved to two hovels with a barn and three lakes set in 75 acres of rural Creuse. Why? Well, we asked ourselves that question a few times too during our first few months in France. But five years on, we’re here and we’re happy and we’re making a living. Heads Above Water is the first book in the series describing how we got here, what we did and where we go from here.

Heads Above Water is now available from Smashwords here in a variety of e-reader formats.